The Unique and Distinguished Journey of Otantik Home from 2012 to 2024

Otantik Home is a leading company in offering hospitality products distinguished by high quality and beauty, reflecting our name and rich history in meeting the needs of sophisticated and distinguished hospitality. Each piece embodies a description of heritage and authenticity, which has made us the first choice for many customers around the world. Our designs are a blend of pure gold colors and decorative engravings that showcase the beauty of the design. At Otantik Home, we pay attention to the finest details and stand out by selecting high-quality raw materials. This has earned us the trust of our customers, and our products have become a staple in every home.

What is the origin of the name Otantik Home?

Otantik Home is a Turkish translation of "Authentic Home."

When was Otantik Home established?

It was established in 2012, and over the past years, we have been keen to offer everything new and distinctive in the world of home hospitality.

Otantik Home: A World of Luxury and Creativity Awaits You

Welcome to Otantik Home its niche products used by our global hospitality professionals and consumers.  Our products include, but are not limited to, plates, tea sets, coffee sets, cake platters, utensils, and more! 

Our company has a long and rich history in providing various forms of sophisticated and distinguished hospitality products. We excel in teamwork with a selection of distinguished design experts who craft each piece with a different detail, making us unique. Over the years, we have continued to develop and innovate, establishing ourselves as a leading brand in the field of luxury home products.

The Growth and Development Journey of Otantik Home from 2012 to 2024

Since our inception in 2012, Otantik-Home is known for the creation and development of varietal-specific glassware and serveware, where it has been recognized for its revolutionary-luxurious designs complementing beverages and food, expanding to all countries around the world, starting from Turkey, Germany, Jordan, Kuwait, and Bahrain and extending to China, Qatar, the UAE, the USA, Canada, Lebanon, Syria, and culminating in Oman, Saudi Arabia, Australia, and Palestine. With further growth and development in other countries, we strive to solidify our position as a prominent brand in the world of hospitality. Over the past 12 years, we have continued to innovate and expand, making us a symbol of quality and excellence up to 2024.

Company Vision and Mission

Otantik Home dreams of having its products in every home around the world as essential pieces that add beauty and elegance to your home decor, embodying stories of Middle Eastern heritage. Our products reflect the authentic character of Arab hospitality with a focus on fine details and high quality.

Company Vision

Our vision at "Otantik Home" is to reside at every home all around the world, as its final destination! Our collections embody the untold stories of the opulent Middle Eastern heritage. Uniquely crafted, our oriental designs reflect an identity every beholder can relate to. Each piece reflects the heritage, luxury, and authenticity of our community. Our unique oriental designs feature an attractive identity that captures attention wherever they are found.

Company Mission

Our mission is to deliver the utmost high-quality server, individually crafted with an oriental touch, for seekers looking to take the art of hospitality to unmatched levels of beauty and elegance. We value our customers as "you" provide a vital role in the continuing success of our company. Our mission is to offer everything new and distinguished in-home hospitality tools. Our products are specifically designed to meet the needs of every host seeking elegance and distinction. We value you as a part of our family, driving us to develop and offer the best always. We succeed for you and with you through the love and loyalty you show us with your trust and support. Our goal is your satisfaction, providing everything you seek in the world of hospitality with elegant and unique designs.

Company Values

Our core values include innovation, integrity, and commitment. We strive to offer services that exceed your expectations. Our products reflect our commitment to the highest standards of quality and innovation in the hospitality world. We work hard to create a unique culture for our customers and employees, aiming for progress and growth with you, as you are the fuel driving us towards excellence. With your cooperation, we can grow and develop.

Otantik Home Products: A Benchmark of Quality and Excellence

We offer elegant, high-quality products with distinctive designs that reflect our identity and excellence, combining the heritage and authenticity of our community. Our product range includes serving plates, tea and coffee sets, Arabic and Turkish coffee sets, tea glasses, dessert stands, dining sets, buffets, incense burners, food containers, and everything related to hospitality sets.

Otantik Home Hospitality Collections

At Otantik Home, we are dedicated to offering a variety of home hospitality tools, each collection with a unique character and design that sets it apart. Featuring distinctive decorative engravings, our practical sets are indispensable in every home. Our collections include:

  1. Diwan Collection: Adorned with the phrase "حللتم أهلًا ووطئتم سهلًا" ("You are welcome and have come with ease").

  2. Noor Collection: Decorated with the phrase "أضيئوا قلوبكم بالحب ان القلوب حين تحب تضاء" ("Light your hearts with love, for hearts shine when they love").

  3. Taj Collection: A blend of authenticity and distinctive global ideas.

  4. Lilac Collection: Infused with contemporary bright colors and printed engravings.

  5. Asrab Collection: Artistic pieces engraved with beautiful drawings and enchanting colors.

  6. Harir Collection: Showcasing the beauty and elegance of silk in its designs and engravings.

Manufacturing Techniques: A Model of Elegance and Creativity

We offer a range of products that add allure and luxury to your hospitality experience:

  1. Semi-Automatic Printing: We integrate precious metals into intricate designs, elevating them to a realm of uniqueness and distinction.

  1. Gold or Platinum Edges: We excel in using precious metals to produce handcrafted designs, adding fine details that enhance the beauty and elegance of our hospitality products.

  1. Engraving on Glass and Porcelain: We etch beautiful decorative designs on glass using sandblasting or manual cutting techniques, presenting products with a distinctive character that showcases precision and beauty.

  1. Gold and Platinum Engravings: Our products are a blend of precious metals and embossed engravings made from the finest raw materials, adding a unique decorative appearance to each piece.

  1. Automatic Printing: We aim to offer a new design and character for each product, combining precious metals with contemporary colors to add double aesthetic value to our products.

  1. Pure Gold Engravings: We add luxury and distinction to our products by creating intricate designs using gold colors, giving each hospitality piece a unique and elegant character.

Otantik Home: A Symbol of Excellence

At Otantik, we pay attention to the smallest details to present each piece uniquely and distinctively, with decorative engravings that tell a story on your table. We take care of every detail from manufacturing to packaging and shipping:

  • We ensure the selection of high-quality raw materials like fine porcelain in glassware manufacturing.

  • We emphasize the durability and quality of glass handles in tea and coffee sets using heat-insulating materials.

  • Our products are divided into collections comprising a variety of hospitality tools that meet your needs, with each piece complementing the other, eliminating the need for additional pieces.

  • Our designs combine high-quality gold and silver engravings, handcrafted with love and care in our factories worldwide.

  • All raw materials used in our products are safe and suitable for human use.

  • We take pride in presenting our products to our loved ones and clients through distinctive packaging methods, making them valuable gifts.

Exceptional Packaging that Tells the Story of Our Products

We showcase the excellence and luxury of each of our products through unique and distinctive packaging, making them an ideal choice as gifts for loved ones and friends:

  • We choose elegant and distinctive boxes to package our products, attracting attention and reflecting the sophistication and luxury of the product.

  • Sturdy packaging protects our products from damage, ensuring they reach you in excellent and elegant condition.

  • The packaging and boxing materials we use are eco-friendly, reflecting our commitment to quality and safety standards.

Distinguishing Factors of Otantik Home

Otantik Home stands out with the luxury of its designs and the uniqueness of its products in the world of hospitality, with a keen attention to every detail. Our products blend authenticity with modernity, making them an unparalleled choice for customers seeking exceptional and unforgettable hospitality experiences:

  1. Innovation and Modernity:

 We continuously innovate with different and distinctive designs, making us a strong competitor in the world of hospitality products. Our designs cater to both global and oriental tastes, leaving a unique and memorable impression on our customers.

  1. Global Quality: 

Our products are renowned for their global quality, representing a brand of excellence and reliability. They are FDA-approved and meet international usage standards worldwide.

  1. Packaging and Presentation: 

We ensure our products are packaged in unique and attractive ways, reflecting the luxury and sophistication of the products, making them suitable as gifts for loved ones and friends.

Are Otantik Home Products Expensive?

Despite the high quality of our products, the use of the best raw materials, and the designs decorated with gold colors, our prices are affordable for everyone, and our products suit all tastes.

Care Instructions for Otantik Home Products

Owning valuable products is unparalleled, so it is essential to maintain them to retain their shine and beauty for a long time. At Otantik, we offer some care guidelines for our products:

  1. Avoid placing cups and plates in the dishwasher with other utensils to prevent collisions that may cause breakage or scratches.

  2. Regularly check your hospitality tools to ensure there are no cracks or breaks that make them unsuitable for use.

  3. Be careful when using hot pots and avoid placing them on hot surfaces. It is preferable to use heat-insulating bases to prevent damage.

  4. Avoid using metal tools when serving drinks or sugar in tea and coffee cups to prevent scratching or damaging the surface of the product.

  5. Avoid serving highly acidic foods in cups, plates, or teapots to prevent affecting the raw materials from which the product is made.

  6. It is recommended to store products in a safe place out of children's reach to prevent breakage.

Contact Methods for Ordering Products

At Otantik Home, we strive to provide easy communication methods to keep you in touch with us from anywhere and at any time without barriers or difficulties. You can visit our website to explore the latest in Otantik hospitality products. For a quicker and easier experience with our collection, you can download our user-friendly app. It allows you to browse all our products and collections carefully. Join the Otantik family now; your interaction with us is a strong motivator for our growth and development.

  1. Download the app for Android here.

  2. Download the app for iPhone here.

How to Order Otantik Home Products

To order Otantik Home products, we offer you a simple and convenient shopping experience through our online platform or our unique app. Enjoy browsing our luxurious collection and choose what suits you with a click, and we will deliver it directly to your doorstep:

1. Select the product you wish to purchase.

2. Click "Add to Cart"; you can add more than one product.

3. After adding the products, click "View Cart."

4. Create a new account for easy ordering every time.

5. Enter the required data in the designated fields.

6. Click "Create Account".

7. Review the order.

8. You can delete or add products to the cart.

9. View the cart summary, then click "Proceed to Checkout."

10. Enter and confirm delivery information.

11. Choose the appropriate payment method.

12. Finally, click "Complete Payment".

13. A message will appear confirming your order, and we will contact you within 48 hours to deliver your order.

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